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Welcome to Navetta Ticino

We transport people from home to airports. In Ticino and around the world.

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Quick confirmation by email

At the end of the booking you will receive by email the confirmation with the details of the trip. This email is valid as a final confirmation of your trip.

Automatic Whatsapp message

About 30 minutes before the meeting you will automatically receive the location of the shuttle via Whatsapp, the payment link for those who want to pay with TWINT or cards and a welcome message where you will also find your flight details.


For the return shuttle, set an approximate meeting time: we will follow your flight live and will be at the airport to pick you up about an hour after your flight arrives. In case your flight is delayed, you don't have to worry about informing us.

Let us help you find your ideal flight

Not only have we created the first flight and hotel search engine in Ticino: if you contact the switchboard they can help you search for your flight or hotel. They will send you the best offers via links. This service costs 20 CHF and the proceeds will go to the Free Shuttle Foundation.

Subscribe to our channel

Join the Whatsapp channel. You can find all the offers of the day for both shuttles, flights and hotels. Furthermore, we will give those who sign up a 10% discount on the next shuttle

Who we are and who we want to be

Surely our flagship is the professional transport of people from home throughout Ticino to the airports of Malpensa, Linate, Orio al Serio and Zurich Kloten. Our prices at the moment are already the lowest in Ticino thanks to the sponsors who subsidize both fuel and motorway tolls.
Our great goal, which is also our working dream, is to be able to offer you free shuttles in the future.

Subscribe to our community: we estimate that in the long term we will have 5000 subscribers! This will allow us to offer anyone who wishes free transfers to and from the airport for those who live in Ticino!

 Our shuttle service is very simple and efficient as well as economical: the trips are private, leaving and arriving from your home. The reservation is made directly by the online customer who will immediately receive a confirmation via email with all the travel details. By automating this booking process you will help keep transport costs low: we won’t have to pay anyone to act as switchboard for us.
In case you have booked a shuttle, about 30 minutes before the meeting you will receive automatic messages via Whatsapp reminding you of the travel data, the meeting place and we will also send you the details of the driver and the live location of the shuttle, so that you can get ready in time and save even those minutes of waiting for the shuttle which contribute to reducing our costs by reaching our coveted goal of free transport more easily.

Not just a shuttle on our site: we have created a flights and hotels section to make it easier for you to find your ideal solution. Search among all scheduled flights in the world and find your cheapest hotel among the 250,000 hotels monitored by us.

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